Patience has never been my strong suit
and i took your ability to handle me
too much for granted
i'm still flailing
Trying to see how this went
from mutual care to annoyance
From "happy to talk" and opening up
to each other
to "hate talking"
i'm sorry
for the intersection of my fear
and yours
for my need for contact
and yours for silence
   (and isn't it ironic
   that the introvert needs contact
        and the extrovert needs silence?)
slamming into each other
For not being able
to keep from poking
For the fear of abandonment that kept
me reaching
Beyond your ability to tolerate conversation
For bratting
until you shoved that hard
And i have nothing that qualifies
as important enough
so i'm silent
i fucked up
And you found the cruelest way
to tell me my unimportance in your life
without actually saying
"Fuck off."

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