When what you say
   lights me up
and i want to paint you,

 the roughness, the edges,
   that twist of danger
   and all the endless
   of your touch your voice your smile

The unsurprising
   your tendency to avoid
  "how are you" in favor of
  anything else,

my own surprise
  at how you

How i want to sink in, to roll myself
  around in you, lose myself
     in your brain your psyche your tenderness
   The anger not at me, never at me
    Rather FOR me, my protection

 and i can breathe -
   hell, i can fly -
But all on my own, the wings
   you illuminate belong to me,

  the pictures you paint in words and care and
    admitting who you are
   How am i this lovely thing you see?

How do i stay, this far, no farther,

  when all i want to do is paint

  your body your face your touch your eyes
   with my fingers, my lips, my limbs
Those eyes i want to climb inside
  the lips, shoulders, gaze that sets me
  longing, maybe
     even pining for the rest of you -
The what
  scattered like milk
     and honey across my world

how do i not give in?

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