Twisting and turning
  i'm threading a Labyrinth
No string in my pocket
  to guide me back home
i got there somehow
   and one day i'll be home again
  Home in my heart
   in my mind
  in my soul
It's long and it's winding
 full of drop-traps
  and pitfalls
But my heart knows the way
  to take me back home.
  Even the days
  when i shrink into myself
even then i'm still moving
  still doggedly threading
  the twisted pathways
  to return to my home
And people i meet
  while threading the labyrinth
  they help me or hinder
but i keep moving on
 missing that hand
  or those eyes
  or that everything
 but i hope they'll be there
  when i get back home.
While all that i want
  is to stop here and rest
all that i need
  is your arm and your smile
i have to keep moving
  keep threading the labyrinth
by now i can see it,
  i see my way home.
He's waiting there for me,
  been waiting for years now
 for me to emerge and to
  find my way home
 and while i have hope
  that you'll meet me there someday
i have to keep moving
  to finally get home.

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